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The AgAmerica Shop - Rooted in American Agriculture

The AgAmerica Shop represents something more than just an ordinary retail store. It’s an opportunity to give back to the agricultural community by supporting the AgAmerica Foundation and its mission to celebrate the role of agriculture and support the future of the American Farmer through education and community engagement.

What started as a simple token of appreciation quickly became an opportunity to give back to the ag community through hats and gear that represent the lifestyle of the American Farmer and outdoor enthusiasts. Over the years, our AgAmerica Classic hat has become a symbol of our farmers and a tribute to their hard work which often goes unseen by the general public.  

Based on the popularity of the Classic AgAmerica hat, this year we launched the AgAmerica Shop as a way to raise funds for the AgAmerica Foundation and to help support family farms across the U.S.

Following our mission to celebrate the role of the American Farmer and contribute to the ag community, all profits from purchases made on the AgAmerica Shop are given back to the community through local organizations and engagements, which include: 

About AgAmerica Lending

AgAmerica Lending is one of the largest, non-bank agricultural lender in the United States, offering a spectrum of agricultural loan programs that support long-term production and success for farmers, ranchers, and landowners. We work directly with farmers across the U.S. to reduce their ag loan payments, finance new operations, purchase land, consolidate and refinance farm debts, upgrade farm equipment, and increase working capital. We believe that serving the American Farmer begins with building long-lasting relationships by immersing ourselves in local agricultural communities to better understand the challenges that our farmers and ranchers face. 

Through our work, we've had the opportunity to connect with farmers and ranchers across the nation and witness first-hand the strength and determination that goes into working the land they love. Inspired to give back to this incredible community, the AgAmerica Foundation was created to help support the future of farming.

If you are interested in learning more about the AgAmerica Foundation or if you would like to connect, please email info@agamerica.com.

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